I am Dr. Dawn DeLavallade.  I am a practicing physician and champion for female breadwinners based in Orlando, Florida. I embolden female breadwinners to engage in some necessary soul-searching, allowing them space to finally come to grips with what they need from their men that they’re not getting. By engaging breadwinners in honest conversations, I help them correct toxic relationship behavior, and utilize tools of empowerment to reach a place of success in their relationships. My passion is to help female breadwinners strengthen their connections with their men, and to take their relationships from surviving to thriving!

This website is a community, a safe haven, for everyday women like you who are the “breadwinners” or higher-earners in their marriages or relationships. With one click, you can discover a place where YOU belong! While the rewards are great, the responsibilities and frustrations of female breadwinners can feel daunting.  There are times when we feel overwhelmed. Rest assured that you are NOT alone. You are welcomed. You are worthy. Your accomplishments will be celebrated HERE in our community. You are among friends!

I’m dedicated and committed to providing an identity for female breadwinners in America. Feel free to contact me by email at dawn@meetdrdawn.com