Featured In

     The TD Jakes Show

      Television  Interview – Breadwinning Wives

     1680am Orlando -“Liberating Truth”

      Radio  Interview – She Makes More

She Makes More: Episode 1

She Makes More: Episode 2

She Makes More: Episode 3

Media Interviews

“Live Love Shopping“ with Rachel Kopczyk on WeTv

“Cocoa Mode” with Shawn Renee Sirius Xm Radio Channel 128 

 “Journeys” with Robin Reed on Afrotainment TV

 “Wealthy Radio” with Deborah Owens WEAA 88.9FM Baltimore

“The Jennifer Keitt Show” with Jennifer Keitt KISS104 FM Atlanta

“HelloLadies.com” Guest blogger 

T.D Jakes Show-“Breadwinning Women”