Second-Guessing the Blessing…

Second-Guessing the Blessing…


Most of us are familiar with the age-old metaphor of perceiving a drinking glass as “half empty or half-full”. This activity is supposed to simulate a person’s tendency toward optimism or pessimism. Using this metaphor, we are forced to super-impose our subjective beliefs onto an objective measurement – which happens to be the volume of liquid in a glass. This exercise is a wonderful example of the true importance of perception on the reality of each of our lives. So how does the emerging league of female breadwinners perceive their circumstance within the context of a modern world? Is their glass half empty or half full?

Most would agree that there are several concrete benefits that come with the title of female breadwinner. First, the mere fact that we are the higher earners in the relationship implies that we have secured some degree of independence and self-reliance resulting in financial gain. These benefits allow us to stay true to who we are, making it more feasible that we will get more of what we want out of life. Second, breadwinner status also comes with a greater likelihood that we will have decision-making capacity within the relationship. Being over-ruled on every decision is not likely going to happen here! And there are many other benefits to having the bigger paycheck in the household.

‘A thing that promotes happiness, prosperity, well-being, or divine protection’ is the definition of the word ‘blessing’. There are two crucial components to the formation of a blessing. First, a blessing must be presented in some form. Secondly, the individual upon whom the blessing has been bestowed must RECOGNIZE that thing as a blessing. Unless these two occurrences act in concert, the blessing fails to truly exist.

Do the rising numbers of female breadwinners around the world recognize that they have indeed been given a blessing? Despite the perceived challenges that some of us experience at the hands of maladjusted mates, our judging families, and a society that can be intolerant to change -we must recognize that our circumstance does indeed fulfill the definition of a blessing. Our ability to care for our families and provide for their welfare exceeds the fantasies of decades of women the world over. Rather than clinging to feelings of shame and grief over a circumstance that rebukes fairytale expectations, we should recognize the blessing in front of us- and be thankful.



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